Veterinary anesthesia machines work in the same concept as human units, likewise here at RB we treat veterinary anesthesia units with the same high quality standards as the human requirements.

Due to the amount of use the machines are subjected to, we recommend that each unit be thoroughly inspected every six months and maintained for optimum operation.

We stock parts for the  anesthesia machines.


Some of the typical brands we service Midmark, Moduflex, DRE, Vetland, HME, Surgivet, AM Bickford, Fraser, Despomed, JD Medical Dist, e.t.c

Our technicians have many years in experience for working on all these brands of units.

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Anesthetic vaporizers are recommended to be serviced at a minimum of 1 Year. 

We also use state of the art equipment to verify the vaporizer anesthetic agent delivery output. This ensures your patient is getting the right amount of dosage. This facilitates less medical complications. 


Vaporizer calibrations are performed out of house. We provide loaners so you can continue your day to day business. Your recalibrated vaporizer is returned with its output certification for your records. 


Here at RedBear Tech Services, we strive to ensure all our clients meet or exceed the AAHA standard when it comes to the equipment maintenance. 


**We carry Isoflurane and Sevoflurane loaner vaporizers.**


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Veterinary Anesthesia 

Vaporizer Service

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