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Medical Gas Installation

Central Medical gas installation can be one of the major tasking projects for any medical facility.

At Redbear Tech Services our medical gas installers have many years of experience in performing large and small installs. We perform all installations under the NFPA99 medical gas installation codes. With a continuous accreditation under the NFPA99 standards, we can extend our expertise to you.

Central Medical Gas Outlet Stations 

Execution is the key

Oxygen, Med-Vac, WAGD, Nitrogen, Nitrous-oxide, Co2, Medical-Air outlet stations can either be installed in the following areas; ceiling with drops, in the walls with quick connections or DISS connections or in a surgical boom.

Which ever way you prefer to have the stations mounted we have the knowledge to implement it for you.  


Central Oxygen Generator

Central or local Oxygen generating machines. Can be integrated into an existing hospital or a new construction.


High Pressure Bottles

Even though we don't deliver high pressure tanks, we work with other suppliers to get you setup. Please Call us today for assistance


Central Med-Vac + WAGD

Central Med-vac + WAGD system can handle the facility med suction needs and also control and evacuate the waste anesthetic gas from the anesthesia machines.


Central WAGD Only

Low flow WAGD system are active scavenging system typically common in the veterinary practices that don't vacuum based WAGD system or want to replace their passive system.

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Central Medical Gas Alarm

Medical Gas Alarm monitoring systems. We install from the base High and Low systems to area monitoring systems.

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